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Swing Analysis



Brittany will view, analyze, and find the best drills and practice plan for you within 48 hours!
Complete Swing Analysis - $100

How to Record Your Swing?

Most golfers don't improve because they keep doing the same thing over and over again, and are expecting different results. For most change is difficult because we truly are "creatures of habit."
Let Brittany Golf improve your results by analyzing your swing to find the best drills and practice plan for you in as little as 48 hours! 
Now I am sure you are wondering how do I record my swing? 
There are two options to recording your swing: Down the Line & Face On 
We recommend recording using both options but if you only have time for one that's ok too. Click each of the photos to learn more about how to properly record  your swing. 
Brittany Golf 1.jpg

Down the Line

Brittany Sand Pic.jpg

Face On

Are you ready for your golf analysis?

Once you have the video(s) recorded click "Golf Analysis" to sign-up.
Once signed up you will be able to submit your videos to Brittany for analysis and in as little as 48 hours you will have the professional feedback you need to improve your swing so you can practice smarter, not harder. 
Click "Golf Analysis" below to get started!
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