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Face On

While down the line is the most common method, you should also do a face on angle as you can things that you can't from a down line view. 

How to Position the Camera

When recording a face on angle, make sure you still use alignment rods to ensure you're setting up square to the target. With a front angle view, you can see your knees, hips and shoulder turn much more clearly than a down the line angle. 

Once your alignment clubs are set up, place the tripod 10-15 feet back (the taller you are , the further back you should go). You want the tripod to be at hand height when you're set up to the golf ball. 


The ball should be at the bottom of the video and the backswing should be at the top of the screen. Again, Brittany suggests to use a front facing camera for best results. 

Down the Line
face on analysis

Photo:  Face On

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