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Down the Line

More times than none this is the golfer's choice when recording their golf swing. Down the line is easier than a face range especially when the range is busy because you will most likely not have the room to do face on. 

Down the line will give you certain features that you can't see as well with a face on swing. The main benefits include seeing the plane on the backswing and where the clubface is pointing at the top of the swing. 

Before recording, Brittany recommends using alignment sticks to make sure you are aligned to the chosen target. Not choosing a target is one of the biggest mistakes amateurs make when practicing on a wide open range. 

Once you choose a target and have alignment sticks on the ground, place your phone 12-15 feet directly behind you. If you're too close you won't be able to see the top of the swing and if you're too far right it might include other players hitting next to you. 

How to Position the Camera

Ideally, you want your hands in the middle of the frame. Brittany suggests using the front front camera on your phone so you see in reall-time how it looks. Once you're warmed up start recording your shots. Brittany also suggests hit two to three of the same shots just in case. Your first shot may go totally haywire especially if you are not use to recording yourself. 

Face On
down the line analysis

Photo:  Down the Line

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