Brittany Testa is a PGA Golf Professional who focuses on maximizing golf skills for individuals. Due to her elite credentials and passion for playing, growing, and teaching the game, she is able to target the specific needs of each student to create their ultimate golfing potential. If you would like to improve your game and take it to the next level, come and train with Brittany Golf.


Lesson Options

Whether you’re interested in trying out golf for the first time or are looking to improve your current golf skills, Brittany Golf offers various lesson options for every level of experience. Join any of her courses to develop your skillset in a professional and positive environment, and start playing today.
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Private Lessons

Group Lessons


Lesson Locations

Lesson availability depends on the time of year and day. Members ALWAYS have priority when booking lessons. 


September - June: The River Club of New York
June - September: Maidstone Club

"Brittany taught me how to add distance and accuracy.  The off-season sessions turned out to be a very productive boost to my game!"

Annette Theiss

"Brittany brings great enthusiasm teaching golf to our kids. They love working with her and she has made it so fun for them!"

Alex & Alexandra Robertson